The Divorce Mediation Process compared to Divorce Lawyers and Court Litigation

Divorce makes most people think about high conflict, heated arguing, and huge legal bills. Yet most divorces do not have to be that way. The vast majority of couples can accept that the marriage is over and, with a little guidance, reach their own agreement as to what is best for the family. In the end, it isn’t about winning or losing, it is about finding an answer that makes sense for everyone. Your Edmonton mediator will go above and beyond the roles of conventional Edmonton divorce lawyers, and help you find that mutually beneficial solution. If you want a process that will allow you to get through this with minimal conflict, your integrity intact, a stabilized family and a fair agreement— consider process-based divorce mediation.

Studies show that divorce mediation produces better outcomes than the traditional court system in terms of child support, spousal support, asset division and parenting – except it is far cheaper and much quicker – and you retain your dignity in the process. Our Edmonton mediation professionals take a different approach from Edmonton divorce lawyers, and are qualified and committed to helping you throughout your divorce proceedings.

Because people don’t know their options, many people will begin by Googling the phrase “best Edmonton Divorce Lawyers.” You hire a divorce lawyer and your spouse hires a divorce lawyer — and you are now in the ‘system’. Your Edmonton divorce lawyer fights on your behalf and your spouse’s divorce lawyer fights on their behalf. Unfortunately, all you end up with is a fight. Your lawyers both want to win. Obviously, there can’t be two winners, so no one wins, and the whole family loses. If you’re in the Edmonton area and looking for an effective alternative to the system of Edmonton divorce lawyers, there is only one sensible option- The Divorce Company.

Most people don’t think they will end up in court and yet studies show that 50% end up in court to resolve at least one issue. Before you start down the traditional and messy two-lawyer adversarial system, consider how mediation can save you time, money and stress – and protect the children’s best interests.


Consider the two systems:

Our Mediation Divorce Lawyers and Contested Divorces
Cost Average is $2,600 per person – many are less, some are more. Average is $16,002 per side
Time 90 days (faster if you want) 3-5 years
Involvement in the process You have control over your own decisions A judge makes decisions for you
Confidential What is said in mediation is private Anyone can sit in on your proceedings and many cases are published on-line
Good for kids Parents work together in the children’s best interest A judge makes decisions on behalf of your family
Minimizes conflict by looking for a solution for both people Interested in a “win” at the expense of the other side
Case load Maintain a low number of cases to ensure we can focus on your needs High case count to maximize billable hours

Over 90% of our cases reach a complete resolution for both sides, with the majority of the remainder having some or most of their issues resolved. Look at the number of steps:

Our Mediation Process Divorce Lawyers and Contested Divorces Process
1-Case Set Up
2-Short-Term Transitional Plan
3-Organizing financial records
4-Financial Meeting(s)
5-Parenting Plan Meeting
6-Review the Settlement Plan
7-Formalization of Agreement
2-Information gathering
3-File Court Documents
4-Serve Spouse
5-Receive Statement of Defense
6-Letter writing campaign between lawyers
7-Interim Applications (this is our step #2 which we target be done within 2 weeks of starting with us)
8-Serve Affidavits
9-Counter Affidavits
10-Examinations for discovery
11-Preparation for court
12-Special Chambers
15-File Divorce Documents
16-Appeal the Judgment
17-Divorce Judgement


Contact The Divorce Company at 780 990 0407 to book a no-cost initial consultation. You and your spouse will meet with a mediator to review your circumstances and customize a process for you.