Dean Bergsma

Managing Partner

Dean mediates and arbitrates family issues full time. He is also one of few Parenting Coordinators in Edmonton. Dean has a wealth of experience and has worked on all types of cases involving low & high conflict, bankruptcies, high net worth, corporations, pensions, inheritances, etc.

Dean learned in law school that the adversarial, fight-it-out, approach is not well suited to most families. Even when Dean has been hired to be an arbitrator, he first tries to help couples find a decision on their own through mediation. Only if they can’t reach an agreement on their own, Dean then acts as a judge and makes the legally binding decision for them.

Dean has a very down to earth, relaxed style that focuses on solutions and not past problems.

Dean volunteers time with Student Legal Services which provides legal information to low income individuals.

Carlene Stabile


As a Chartered Mediator, Carlene works with couples to help make the divorce process less stressful, less costly and more efficient. She helps families develop mutually acceptable agreements for the division of matrimonial property, determination of child and spousal support and parenting plans.

With a background in finance, Carlene understands important issues around property valuation, taxation, registered and non-registered assets, and the financial system including debt restructuring. She has seen the damage the adversarial legal system can do and believes that mediation provides for better solutions.

Carlene also teaches mediation and alternative dispute resolution at the university level.