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Divorce, Arbitration, And Mediation – An In-depth Discussion

Over our years of service as family lawyers in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we have come to understand that the divorce terms and legal considerations confuse a lot of people. When the terms like contested/uncontested divorce, fault/no-fault divorce, mediation, arbitration, annulment, ex parte divorce, and collaborative divorce are thrown at people, they often feel highly […]

How To Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

Being engrossed in your own grief and completely shutting out the rest of the world is never a good idea. The latter is especially damaging if you have children. While a divorce may be extremely devastating for you, you can’t be feeling it more than your kids who have had to watch their beloved parents […]

Incredible Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

The impacts of divorce vary from couple to couple. While some people dismiss it as a regular thing and don’t take it to heart, others struggle with the emotional trauma of seeing their cherished relationship shatter into bits and pieces before their eyes. Regardless of your perception of divorce and the effect it leaves on […]

Things You Must Not Do Before, During, Or After Your Divorce

Ending a relationship you thought would last a lifetime is never an easy decision. It is hard to see a family and home you cherished so dearly shatter into fragments right in front of your eyes. As reputed family lawyers , we have seen numerous couples undergo an emotional breakdown during a divorce. From anger […]

Divorce Or Separation -Which Option Ideal?

If you think ending a marriage is an easy business, you need to get your thoughts straight. Yes, you might be mentally ready to call it quits, but the actual process of legally parting ways may leave you panting in exasperation if you fail to make the right decision at the right time. Honestly speaking, […]

How To File For A Divorce In Edmonton – Take It One Step At A Time

The technical procedures involved in the divorce process may be overwhelmingly problematic for many couples. Usually, people are not strong enough to handle the emotional stress and the technical complexities of divorce concurrently. For this reason, we believe you should request legal representation services from a reputable family lawyer. Although it is not mandatory to […]

Life After Divorce

Undeniably, divorce is highly devastating both emotionally and financially. Numerous people remain in shock even for months after the process, while others even end up falling into a state of depression. In the worst-case scenario, ex-spouses who are unable to address the emotional turmoil of handling an unfaithful partner or to deal with the financial […]

Mediation Myths – The Biggest Barriers To A Positive Divorce

You must have surely laughed while reading this blog’s title, or at least an unintentional snort left your mouth. Yes, the words ‘positive’ and ‘divorce’ do not seem to suit each other. “What could be positive in a divorce?” This question certainly crossed your mind when your eyes landed on the title above. To be […]

Mediation Vs. Collaborative Divorce – Is There A Difference?

Besides being emotionally tormenting, divorce is also a highly technical affair. It requires a vast amount of knowledge about legal matters and the related provincial laws such as Alberta’s Family Law Act. As a result, many of our clients fall prey to the prevailing misconceptions and myths about the divorce process due to their lack […]

The Need For Reputable Family Lawyers When Filing A Divorce

Undeniably, divorce is the most painful experience in an individual’s life, as no one wants their marriage to reach such a point. However, sometimes saving a relationship does more harm than good to you and your family physically, emotionally, and financially. The latter is especially the case when the other spouse indulges in careless financial […]