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Will divorcing my spouse ruin my children? | Edmonton Divorce Solutions

Every Edmonton Divorce parent asks themselves the question ‘What will this do to my kids?’. Below are the first 100 or so responses to a question that was asked by a concerned mother: Am I ruining my children by divorcing their father? Children of divorce, please tell me if divorce ruined your life. I’m curious […]

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Communication During Divorce

Communication is essential to every relationship, as well as any divorce. It might sound ironic to say that there can be a “successful divorce,” but there are ways to make a divorce easier, and the resulting solution as beneficial as it can be. If both you and your partner have decided on a divorce you’ll […]

All About Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is something all struggling couples should consider. Instead of using the court systems, divorce mediation is conducted through divorce mediators, whose job it is to help you make the necessary decisions, in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. Unlike therapists, divorce mediators are not there to simply repair a relationship, or steer you in […]