Similarity to Divorcing Parents? Biologists Watch in Horror: Condors Destroy Precious Egg

Ventrua, CA (UPI)-The only California condor egg ever to have been laid this breeding season has destroyed by its parents, who knocked it off a ledge while fighting over which bird should take care of the rare egg. A team of specialists trying to save the huge endangered birds watched in horror as the precious […]

Why does divorce seem so cutthroat?

Divorce triggers our core fears – fears that threaten our ‘sense of self’ which often makes our responses disproportionate to the actual events. Wrongs become bigger, we take everything the worst way, and we blow things out of proportion. Add to this the concept of trying to ‘win’ your divorce at the expense of the […]

I am getting divorced, with all of the financial changes – how can I help my children?

When facing a downsizing of living arrangements or a reduction in income, remember that kids will role model our attitudes about money and things. A friend of mine once said: “are you a stuff person or an experience person?”. Although kids may seem to be attached to material things, what they really love and crave […]