We think the average Alberta divorce cost of $16,001 each is ridiculous (Canadian Lawyer Magazine Fee Survey1).

The adversarial system of two divorce lawyers often creates a conflict that then requires the services of two adversarial lawyers.

Studies show that divorce mediation produces agreements that are more satisfactory, less expensive, faster, and has the couple in a finishing with a better relationship and better able to co-parent their children than the traditional court litigation model.

For most couples – the process of divorce is a pretty straightforward. That is not to say it isn’t emotional, it is. But the objective value of the assets are the same regardless of emotions; incomes and child support do not change – even if one person feels angry or sad.

The past is behind you. Our mediation process is civilized, dignified and focuses on a solution that works for everyone; you, your spouse, and your children.

Mediation allows you and your spouse to chose your outcomes instead of having a judge telling you what you must do. Most our clients have agreements that are different than what a court would do – because both spouses have input and can evaluate the best option for themselves and their children.

Justice Minister McNally has described divorce mediation to be 4x faster and 8x less expensive than the average divorce. “‘The benefits of mediation are clear – it is quicker, cheaper and leads to better outcomes.”2

Most our cases finish for less than the initial retainer required in the traditional two lawyer adversarial system. With a successful completion rate of over 95% of cases – isn’t it worth learning more?

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