Divorce: Crisis and Opportunity.


Ask anyone who has gone through a divorce – what did it feel like? You will hear things like:
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  • I felt like we were out of control – we fought over things that were not worth fighting about.
  • I became someone that I didn’t like.
  • I wanted to take the high road – but was afraid that if I did, I wouldn’t get my fair share.
  • With every court date, every affidavit, every visit to my lawyer, the bills got bigger and we never seemed to move forward.

In Divorce, many people find themselves in crisis. Reacting – without having the time to respond. Slow down, take a big breath. Unless there is danger to you or your children (seek help immediately), you can take time to think about what is important to you.

As you go through divorce, most of our clients say it is important to:
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  • be fair with each other
  • to maintain respect and dignity.
  • to minimize the effect of the divorce on the kids.

In crisis lies the chinese opportunity for growth. As much as Divorce is often initiated by one spouse, both spouses have a role to play in their marriage. Own it. Before you jump into the next phase of your life, take time to reflect on your role in the marriage – what can you learn from the experience.

Divorce is a transition – what will you learn from it?