Get It Done

Some people want it finished as quick as possible.

Which situation applies to you?

We want an initial consultation to see if this is right for us.

You may book an initial couples consultation (no cost). There is no need to bring anything with you. We will cover our process, information about separation and divorce, expected fees and time lines. Call 780.990.0407 and book a couples consultation or book online *here*.

We need help in reaching an agreement.

You may attend a free couples consultation to see mediation is a good fit for you, or you may book a ‘couples working meeting’ and get started on reaching an agreement.

You can book either meeting by calling 780.990.0407 or online by clicking *here*.

Prior to the first working meeting, you must sign and return our standard mediation agreement, as well as make a deposit. We will spend some time either during the couples consultation or in a phone meeting, where we will review what you should bring to the working meeting. There are some initial decisions that can be made quickly which can greatly reduce the amount of documents you need to gather.

We haven’t reached an agreement yet, but want to get it done in a single day (Divorce in a Day)

Many couples with low to mid level conflict can resolve their issues in a single day-long meeting. We begin at 9am and work through lunch.

Prior to the meeting, we will have reviewed what documents you will need in a conference call or short meeting. If there are other professionals required (such as pension valuators, accountants, or business valuators), we will ensure they are scheduled to be available, typically by conference call.

In short – we will work with you to be prepared for the meeting and to help you and your spouse come to an agreement.

If there is time, we can draft documents the same day while you take a break or in a few days after the meeting concludes. We can draft documents such as separation agreements, arbitrator’s awards, court divorce applications, land title transfers, change in marital status, spousal support registration, transfer of retirement savings without tax consequences, CPP credit splitting, defined benefit pension division applications, as required.

This is a long day for everyone – and some people prefer to break it up into two meetings. We leave that up to you.

You may see our availability online, but these meetings should be booked by calling our office 780990.0407 and ask to book a ‘Divorce in a day’ meeting(s).

We already have the workings of an agreement and want someone to look it over and/or draft a separation agreement.

Divorce is complicated. It is quite common for people who negotiate between themselves to miss items and want someone to look at their proposed agreement. Our goal is to ask you questions that you may not have considered: Have you considered making a tax allowance on your retirement savings? How did you determine the tax percentage to use? Did you check on the pre-division benefit before deciding how a pension would be divided? How will you allocate income tax for past years, current years? Who will claim the kids? What about the year of separation? Is there a way that you might structure spousal support to reduce the overall amount of taxes collected by the government (leaving more money in your pocket)? If the spouse who keeps the home dies first, is it your intention that the other spouse would then be allowed to live in the home until their death? (this is the default rule).

In most cases, clients modify their proposed agreement because they found something they hadn’t thought of.

Contact our office and book a review meeting. We like to set aside 3 or 4 hours. If we finish sooner, you won’t be charged. You may see our availability online – but we require review meetings to be booked by phone.

We’ve been separated for a year and I want you to prepare the divorce documents.

It is always recommended that you have a separation agreement which is much more comprehensive than the divorce documents.

However, many people just file for Divorce without having a separation agreement.

If you can answer yes to all of the following, we can complete the Divorce paperwork for you, and optionally, take care of all court filings.

  • You have lived separate and apart (even in the same house) for at least 1 year.
  • You or your spouse has been a resident of Alberta for 1 year.
  • You know the location of your spouse
  • You have divided your assets/debts already
  • Child support, if applicable, is being paid according the the Federal Child Support Tables
  • You have reached some kind of agreement about spousal support (for example: it might be $0, $1000/month, $10,000 single payment, etc.)
  • You can provide an original marriage license (or, if married outside Canada, you are willing to make an oath that you are married)

Process: Complete an online form (takes about 10 minutes), submit, call during business hours and arrange for payment and a date when you can come in and sign the documents. Optionally, we can mail the documents to you, but you will need to find someone who can commission them for you.

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