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Divorce Mediation

Why is this a better way to divorce?

“Divorce in a Day”

For those who just want to ‘get it done’

Divorce Paperwork

Court Documents Prepared from $249.

You Can Have a Healthy Divorce.

Separation and divorce do not have to be a painful, costly and never-ending process. Your family can emerge healthy, whole and ready to handle life on the other side.

Instead of paying two family law lawyers $300-$500 per hour each, doesn’t it make sense to pay one professional $145 per hour each to help you reach an agreement?

Over 95% of our clients are satisfied with their outcome and have achieved a fair settlement.

Our passion is to help couples make better decisions about their finances and children through the divorce process. Divorce is one of the largest and most stressful decisions you will ever face. Let us help you divorce with dignity and in a fair manner.

What our clients are saying.

“The mediation process can result in an agreed resolution that is less expensive, less hostile, takes less time and money, and is more creative.” J.B (lawyer) – “The legal system is an abject failure in providing moral and ethical resolution to family issues. That’s why mediated our issues..”

Judge Sulatycky

“Thank you both for your tireless work on our/my behalf.”


“I was afraid of where this process was going to take me. Now I have a clear understanding of my future.”


“I wouldn’t want your job for anything. But thanks for helping us out in a tough time.”


“Thank you for helping us create a parenting plan that works.”


“I was dreading this meeting all summer. It was easier than I expected.”


Thank you for everything over the past months. I really appreciate your knowledge and kindness ~ you have made a very difficult, stressful situation, a little bit easier to deal with, and I thank you for that.

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