Separation Agreement

We help couples to reach and draft separation agreements and divorce documents. We provide impartial third party information, mediation, and arbitration services all under one roof.

95% of our clients reach a successful agreement and spend less than 1/5th the cost of a ‘regular’ Alberta divorce.

Book online for a no-cost introductory meeting for you and your spouse to learn more.

Alternatively, download a list of documents you should gather and then book a working meeting.

Many of our clients reach an agreement in a single meeting.

Our Process Works

Family and divorce mediation saves time, money and stress. You do not have to be amicable – just both be committed to finding a solution that is fair to both. We have worked with thousands of Edmonton people just like you (from doctors to dentists, truck drivers to teachers, lay ministers to lawyers, bartenders to business owners).

We are proud that 95% of people who start with us will finish with us — and feel they reached a fair and reasonable agreement — without ever going to court.

Divorce Documents

We draft Government of Alberta Divorce forms for you for $249, or, complete the documents and do the various filings with the courts for $499 (this is still $670 less than the average cost of an Alberta uncontested divorce). Start by completing the online application here.


Divorce Mediation is often 4x faster and 8x less expensive than the average cost for Edmonton divorce lawyers. It can be completed in 1 or 2 meetings with most cases finishing for less than the initial retainer most other firms charge — because our process works.

Pay only for the time you use. Whether you don’t know where the start or you have an agreement mostly worked out – come in for an initial consultation or, book a working meeting, bring your documents and see how much you can accomplish in a few hours.

About Us

Our staff has experience: we know divorce mediation; we know finance; and we know parenting. More importantly, we help you understand so you are in control and make your own decisions.

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Individual Consultation

Most Edmonton Divorce Lawyers charge between $3,500 and $5,000 per person just to open a file. The Divorce Company is different. In about an hour, we can answer most questions about separation and divorce. You will leave with a rough cut on assets/debt division, income determination, child support, spousal support, tax consequences, cash flow, and parenting based on the information you supply. You will also have a good idea on whether you need to involve the court system, or if your situation is suitable for divorce mediation – a proven system that is 8x less expensive, 4x faster — and provides for similar outcomes.

Many people use the initial meeting for budgeting, discussions with their spouse, discussions with the bank for purchasing or retaining the home, or just to get an idea of where they stand.

Book online.

Free Useful Information

Download useful divorce information that will help you:

  • a list of financial documents you will need to start gathering (even if you end up in court)
  • a free guide to the divorce process
  • tax information about divorce
  • budget templates
  • and more…