Online Payments

There are three different ways you can pay fees.

  1. E-Transfer to [email protected], use a password (if necessary) of Blue Sky (with a space). Most clients use this method.
  2. Pay by Visa / Mastercard (Please note – we do charge a 3% surcharge on all credit card charges).
  3. Mail a cheque payable to Dean Bergsma Professional Corporation at #502 10080 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, T5J1V9

Electronic Transfers

You may send electronic transfer payments to the email address of

[email protected]

There are no additional service fees.

Major banks do not request a password as the money is automatically deposted into our account.

Please help us apply your payment correctly. Often we receive money from clients but cannot determine which client it applies to — this is frustrating for the client and for us. Always include your Client ID (located on most emails that we send), your name and your spouse’s name in the message body.

** Please note: we do not accept ETransfers from Tangerine Bank as they do not follow normal banking standards **

Credit Card Payments

Please note: Our fees are net of service fees. We charge an additional 3% to cover most credit card fees. Please ensure you increase your payment by 3% to avoid an additional invoice for credit card fees. You can calculate the increased amount by the formula: Original Amount * 1.03 = the Amount To Pay By Credit Card.
If you do not wish to have a credit card fee associated to your payment, please use an alternative payment method.