Divorce Documents Prepared from $249. Separation Agreements from $975.

We draft Alberta divorce documents necessary to obtain a Canadian divorce – correctly, completely and guaranteed to be accepted by the Court. We are proud that we filed just under 7% of all the divorces in 2016 in the Edmonton area amongst the 100’s of lawyers who practice family law.

Most people find the Alberta divorce court process to be confusing. Divorce forms have legalese language and seem to be meant for judges and family lawyers – not regular people.

We make the process quick, easy, and straightforward. You can complete an online form and supply all the information we need to draft your divorce documents in about 10 minutes. We will contact you on the next business day to confirm your information. We only collect payment once we are sure we can help you.

Our company can take care of all the filings, applications and trips to the court house for you — or you can take time off work and do it yourself.

If you do not know where your spouse is or do not know your spouse’s financial information to calculate child or spousal support – we can still help you in most cases – although there may be additional fees.

To use our service:

    • you (or your spouse) must have lived in Alberta for the last year.
    • you are (or have been) living ‘not as husband and wife’ for a period of at least one year prior to the filing of the documents. Many people live in the same home, but no longer live as ‘husband and wife’.

getstarted-buttonYou can complete the online application in about 10 minutes. You can save your work and come back to it later.

Many people need additional documents drafted such as such as separation agreements, title transfer, dower release, registration of spousal support payments with Canada Revenue Agency, request for reduction of tax with your employer, Canada Pension Plan credit splitting. Many people don’t know about the mandatory registration of marital status change required by Canada Revenue Agency. In the application, you can check off other documents that you may be interested in.


What are the grounds for Divorce?

In Canada you must convince the court that (1) there was adultery (2) cruelty (3) or – you must have lived not as husband and wife for a period of at least 1 year. You may have lived ‘separate and apart’ while you were still in the same home. Very few claims in Canada are done for adultery or cruelty – because it usually costs more and takes more time. We cannot help you if you wish to claim adultery or cruelty.

What happens if my spouse is willing to cooperate?

We will file the documents as a joint divorce – and each of you must sign the document in front of a commissioner of oaths either in our office or in front of someone else. This means you will not have to sue the other person, you will not need to have them served, and you will not need to wait to see if they will contest or dispute the divorce.

What happens if my spouse is not willing to cooperate?

We file the documents on your behalf. The documents will be stamped at the court house and those documents must be served to your spouse by a third party. That might be a friend, or there are companies who will do it for a fee. Your spouse then has 21 days to dispute the documents. Most don’t. Once the waiting period has gone by and they have not disputed the documents, it will go through the system as if they agreed. If they dispute the document – you now have a contested divorce – and you will either need to appear in court yourself or hire a lawyer to do it for you. Should that happen, we can no longer assist you.

We were married inside Canada

You are expected to provide an original government issued marriage certificate. This is not the paper that you signed in the ceremony. You may request a certificate from any registry agent for a small fee.

We were married outside of Canada

You should provide any official documentation you may have about your marriage. If you cannot provide any, the court *may* accept a signed affidavit indicating the particulars of the marriage, dates, names of witnessess, etc.

My spouse lives outside of Canada

If they will cooperate, then there is no difference. If they will not cooperate and you are filing a sole application, you will need to briefly attend court and explain that your spouse lives outside of Canada. We will explain the process to you, where to go at what time, etc. The Judge will authorize you to send the documents to your spouse outside of Canada, or the Judge might say that you do not need to notify your spouse. The rest of the process continues on.

We have agreed to a child support amount different than the amount specified by the Government

We will charge an additional $100 to complete the paperwork based on the reasons you give us.  There are only a few reasons to depart from the Child Support Guidelines. We do not guarantee the court will accept your documents for the reasons you give, nor will we amend the documents at no charge if your application is rejected.

If your children are over the age of 18, or are in a shared parenting arrangement, there may be reasons to depart from the child support guidelines. If your children are under 18 and are not in a shared arrangement, there are few reasons to depart from the guidelines.

How long does this take?

Short answer: 2-4 months.

Long Answer: We can complete the documents in a few days. Then you sign the documents. If your spouse will not cooperate, we need to go to the court and file the initial documents, then make arrangements to serve your spouse. There is a waiting period to see if they will object. If your spouse will cooperate, then the preceding doesn’t happen, but they need to come in and sign (or we can mail to them and they can sign) and filed. Then it is checked at the courthouse, sent to Ottawa, sent back, checked again, up to the Judge’s desk, back to the clerk, mailed to you, a 30 day waiting period, application for a certificate, mail – and then you are divorced and have the paperwork to prove it. Do not make plans to get married until you have the divorce judgement.

How come you charge $249 and other firms want $1500?

Short answer: Automation. We have you do much of the work by filling out the application online. We do so many of these, we have dedicated staff just completing divorce documents. We go the courthouse often and we are not paying a lawyer $300/hour to stand in line.

Terms and Conditions

Divorce Forms Terms and Conditions

To use our divorce document preparation service, you must agree on:

  • Basic facts (names, marriage dates, separation dates)
  • Spousal Support arrangements
  • Child Support amounts in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines
  • Parenting arrangements which are in the best interests of the children
  • Your grounds for divorce will be that that your marriage has broken down because you have (or will have) lived separate and apart for at least 1 year. Alternatively, you may claim adultery IF the other spouse has committed adultery and is willing to sign an affidavit to that effect.
  • You must be able to supply a government issue marriage certificate (if married in Canada, or in the case of a foreign divorce, you must provide the name of the official who married you, the number and names of any witnesses – you may use ‘unknown’ if you do not remember).
  • If you have children under age 16, you can supply an original certificate of attendance from the Parenting After Separation government mandated course for you, and if you are doing a joint divorce application, for your spouse as well.
  • If we are preparing a sole divorce and you are not in the Edmonton judicial area, we are unable to file your documents for you – as you should commence your divorce in your local judicial area.

Beyond reasonable simple clarification questions, additional mediation and/or arbitration services are available and charged separately at our current rate.

We seldom charge additional fees, but we reserve the right to charge additionally for the following:

  • discontinuing an existing action which you have previously filed.
  • departing from the Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • amending information which you supplied in error, failed to supply, or supplied incompletly,  – such as, but not limited to, number of children, incorrect spelling of your child’s name, wrong date of birth, incorrect marriage date, location, witnesses, officiant, names, marital status at time of marriage, changes in income, etc. We offer two rounds of reasonable document revisions at no cost, and then charge $100 per round of revisions thereafter. We do not charge for revisions if the error is ours.
  • We may reject your application for any reason, including lack of information provided or poor/inconsistent capitalization that would require extensive editing.

You acknowledge:

    • We will fully rely on the information, documents, advice, and instructions supplied by the Participants. We assume no decision-making responsibility or managerial authority during the process, nor do you grant the same. We are a typing service and will type the forms solely on the information provided by you. The staff completing the documents are not lawyers, do not practice law and are not able to give you legal advice. The receipt of general legal information is not a substitute for legal advice or assistance. You should seek legal advice regarding any agreement. The fees for such advice are not part of the fees paid to us, nor are we able to supply you with independent legal advice.
    • If your divorce becomes contested, we will be unable to further assist you and will recommend that you seek the advice of a family lawyer.

Payment terms:

Payment for document completion services is made in advance by credit card, money order, certified cheque, or Interac email money transfer. Personal cheques are not accepted. Money orders and certified cheques are payable to The Divorce Company Ltd. You may cancel this contract and request a refund only before we have begun to type your documents. Monies refunded will be less any actual applicable service fees incurred.

Delivery of documents

Your documents will be delivered to you either by regular mail or email, or you may pick them up at our office. If you choose to have your documents delivered to you by regular mail, they will be sent via Canada Post. Regular postage rates are included in our fees. If you request to have your documents delivered expeditiously, additional charges will apply.


If we only complete the forms for you, the cost is $249 + tax = $261.45 payable to The Divorce Company. (You will pay an additional $260 court filing fee when you file the documents bringing your total cost to $521.45).

If we complete the forms and will make a number of trips to the court house on your behalf, the cost if $499 + tax + $260 filing fee that we will pay to the court on your behalf = $783.95.

Click *here* to pay by Visa or Master Card.


guaranteeOur guarantee to you is that the courts will accept your documents as being completed correctly. Should there be an issue caused by us we will correct it at no charge to you, and if for some reason we cannot correct it, we will refund the money you have paid.

The guarantee does not cover situations where the child support arrangements do not meet or exceed the Federal Child Support guidelines, where information was not provided on the online form, where you fail to satisfy the court your arrangements are in the best interests of the children, where the court requires more information because your circumstances are unusual (this might be a short term marriage, children living in foreign countries, children not living with the biological parents, adultery or cruelty claims, non-enforceable provisions, or provisions which violate other statutes, spouses who have separated but continue to live together during the separation period, etc.).

Application Form

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Divorce Form Packages

Alberta Divorce Forms Preparation and Court Filings$499 +gst + court filing fees – You sign the documents and we will take care of the rest. Most people choose this service which is saves $670 over the average cost of an uncontested divorce.

Alberta Divorce Forms Preparation – $249 + gst + court filing fees. You sign the forms, and do all the court filings yourself — statement of claim, affidavit of service, noting your spouse in default, filing other documents, applying for a divorce judgement and divorce certificates. You will have a minimum of 3 trips to the court house.

In addition to our fees, you can expect to pay the Government of Alberta divorce application fee of $260 (as of May 1, 2015) – either paid to us or to the courts.