Typical Mediation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Typical Mediation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Unnecessary stress and anxiety are things everyone wants to avoid in the current era. In a world where maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and earning a decent meal twice a day has become a challenge, no one wants the additional burden of quarrels and disputes. As a result, couples have learned to amicably bring an intimate relationship to an end if they can not proceed with it.

Instead of following the prolonged litigation method, couples nowadays switch to faster, cost-effective, and confidential alternative dispute resolution techniques. In this regard, mediation services stand as a top favourite.

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Unfortunately, even mediation can go extremely wrong sometimes. As providers of Edmonton’s top-tier mediation services , we have witnessed and heard of numerous occurrences where a seemingly peaceful resolution effort turned into a blunder. Surprisingly, the reasons behind such blunders were nothing more than mere carelessness from both parties. Consequently, the ultimate aim of a faster and stress-free resolution is lost.

For this reason, this blog post will discuss the typical mistakes couples make during mediation to help you avoid the pain of landing on a similar blunder.

Lack Of Preparation, Planning, And Goal Setting

Life tests us every day, and the only way to ace these trials is adequate preparation. Similarly, before the mediation process starts, you must be well-prepared to present your stance on every relevant aspect. From parenting time to alimony, property division, and other disputable elements, you must give every aspect an insightful second thought.

On this note, many couples argue that they understand their circumstances better than anyone else and do not need to sit and think about everything. If this sounds like you, know that you have already lost. Proper planning and preparation have nothing to do with how much you know about your circumstances. Instead, it is about what you expect from the mediation process. What are your desired outcomes, and how much are you willing to compromise?

The answers to such questions will help you stay focused and set clear goals.


While the above point deals with overconfidence, this one relates to a lack of overall interest in the process. Out of arrogance, many people believe that regardless of the process’s outcomes, they will be unaffected. Oftentimes, fate takes these people by surprise and leaves them with nothing but regret.

For instance, an individual may think he does not have to worry about the outcomes of mediation and pays very little attention to the final agreement’s terms. A few months after signing the agreement, they realize that they are actually paying higher alimony than what would be expected in a fair case. Clearly, they do not have many options now.

Rigidity And Inflexibility

It is essential to understand that when we ask you to set your goals, we do not mean that you must rigidly stick to them. As a matter of fact, you must leave room for negotiation and reconsideration. If an alternative to your goal seems fair to both of you, give it a thought.

Unfortunately, many couples completely refuse to compromise, and the result is that the case is ultimately taken to court.

Too Willing To Compromise

This point is the exact opposite of the one above. While some people show extreme rigidity, others are too willing to compromise in the name of amicability. You must understand that the primary purpose of mediation services is to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Thus, do not let anyone have an unfair advantage over you. Instead, hold on to your stance and seek a mutually beneficial solution.

Unnecessary Comparison To Other Cases

Your friend’s marriage is not like yours. Just because your friend got guardianship rights does not mean you will get the same. Instead of concentrating on how your friend’s case progressed, it would pay off better to focus on your unique needs and circumstances.

Concealment Of Facts

This is one of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes made by spouses. Whether it is litigation or mediation, hiding financial or other information always backfires. There are sporadic cases in which people escape with such concealments. In most cases, the outcomes are always against the one who has tried to conceal the facts. Thus, you must never make this mistake.

Not Seeking Independent Legal Advice

Lastly, people fail to acknowledge the need for independent legal advice. While hiring a family lawyer is not an obligation in mediation, seeking legal advice is always a good choice.

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