Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Divorce Forms In Alberta

Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Divorce Forms In Alberta

Getting divorced is a legal process that includes many different steps. Preparing legal divorce documents is one of such important steps that couples must take to formally divorce each other.

However, it is understandable that you might not be familiar with the exact divorce forms and documents required in Alberta to formalize a divorce. In such a situation, we, being a professional divorce mediation company, can help you through our divorce document preparation services.

Common Mistakes When Filling Out Divorce Forms

Since filing for divorce can be an overwhelming and complicated procedure for most people, it is common to make mistakes while filling out divorce forms. The complexity of these documents is increased by the fact that they can vary from province to province.

For instance, the divorce forms in Alberta can be different from the divorce documents you see in other parts of Canada. In Alberta, in order to initiate the divorce process, you must start by filing a Statement of Claim for Divorce. However, mistakes in such forms and documents can result in significant delays, extra charges, and various legal complications.

This is the reason why it is essential to rely on experienced divorce document preparation services from a reliable company, such as The Divorce Company. We are known for drafting and filing most divorce forms and documents in Edmonton.

Without the help of divorce document experts, you can make a number of mistakes while filing your divorce forms, such as:

1. Writing Inaccurate Information

One of the most common mistakes people make when filling out divorce forms is providing inaccurate information. It is typically an unintentional mistake and occurs in the form of wrong spellings, incorrect addresses, or wrong dates.

Whatever the reason behind this type of mistake might be, it typically results in unnecessary delays in the divorce process and might also cause you to pay more fees. Hence, it’s important to ensure all the information is correct and get it double-checked by our experts.

2. Not Submitting All Forms

Another common mistake is not filing all of the relevant divorce forms. Some of the common divorce forms and documents you must submit in Alberta are the Statement of Claim for Divorce, the Divorce Judgement, and the Certificate of Divorce.

These forms are prepared and submitted at different stages of the divorce. However, an inexperienced individual is unlikely to have complete knowledge of these specific forms, so it is better to rely on a reputable divorce company like us that has a lot of experience in preparing the relevant divorce agreements and documents.

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3. Not Providing Enough Details

Other than submitting all the divorce forms, you must provide accurate and sufficient details in such documents. Generally, information related to your marriage, spouse, and children (if any) has to be added to the divorce documents. If you cannot provide these details when filing for divorce, you will likely have to face significant delays in the process.

4. Using The Wrong Forms

The importance of using the correct divorce forms in Alberta cannot be understated. If you try to file the forms yourself and end up submitting the wrong documents, it can result in legal complications and further delays in the divorce proceedings.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you rely on our professional divorce document preparation services and let our experts guide you about the right forms and the way in which they should be filled to get the desired outcome.

5. Lack Of Signatures

If you forget to sign the divorce forms and submit them without your signature, it can cause delays and complications in the divorce process. Therefore, once the divorce forms and documents are prepared, you must sign all the forms and have your signature witnessed, if needed.

Keeping all of these mistakes and issues in mind, you should rely on the divorce experts who offer professional divorce documents services to ensure you don’t face any unexpected challenges in this process.

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