Book an Initial Couples Mediation Consultation

Book a 30 minute initial couples consultation meeting online at a time that is convenient for you.

There is no cost and there is no obligation.

You can choose a convenient time from the dates shown below.

While the consultation is 30 minutes, we do book a full hour in case you want to use the last 30 minutes of the hour to get started.  We know it is difficult to take time off of work or find day care. We want our process to be convenient for you and to minimize the number of times you need to come to our office.

In the last 30 minutes, couples often reach an agreement on interim financial arrangements (which reduces stress) as well as make some key decisions that lowers the amount of paperwork they decide to gather before the main meeting.

If you are not comfortable in getting started right away, that is fine – there is no obligation from the initial meeting. We never pressure you. You should use our services when the time is right for you.

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