Be Prepared For These Questions From Your Divorce Lawyer

Be Prepared For These Questions From Your Divorce Lawyer

Going through the divorce process can be emotionally draining, and meeting with a divorce lawyer can be quite hard. You are already emotionally overwhelmed and feeling stressed, apprehensive, sad, and unsure during this time. On top of that, dealing with a family or divorce lawyer and answering their questions can be stressful.

However, a professional divorce lawyer can make your process smoother and make it easy for you to answer certain important questions for your divorce case. Therefore, if you are going through the divorce process or might need to go through one, it is necessary to prepare answers to some questions beforehand.

It would be helpful to think through these questions in advance and ready your answers so you will not be confused when the lawyer questions you. Continue reading this blog post to find out some important questions a divorce lawyer might ask you.

Why Are You Seeking A Divorce?

Asking for the reason for divorce is necessary for your divorce lawyer so that he/she can create the case accordingly. There might be countless reasons you are splitting up with your partners, such as addiction or substance abuse of any kind, lack of intimacy, lack of communication, or marital infidelity. The reason for your divorce will determine the specific trajectory of your case, and your lawyer needs to know why you are separating from your partner.

Are You And Your Spouse Separate?

This question is also necessary for a lawyer because an informal separation might not impact your divorce proceedings, but a formal or legal separation will impact it. A legal separation also determines the rules of child custody, alimony, and property division. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on certain separation aspects with your spouse so that the case can proceed accordingly.

Do You Have Children With Your Spouse?

This is the most important question as it can lead to contentious issues in the future. It is important to talk to your lawyer about kids and how you and your spouse have been managing them. Issues around child custody can be quite stressful and emotional, so it is important to talk to your lawyer about your expectations from the case for your child custody.

How Are You Living Today?

Your divorce lawyer might also ask you about your current living situation and arrangements. Your family lawyer will want to know if you and your spouse are sharing a house or not. They will also ask if any minor children or other family members live with you.

What Are Your Real Estate Assets?

Your lawyer will want to know about the real estate assets you might have or share with your partner for the property division process. The lawyer will also ask you specific questions such as the address of the property when you bought that property, with what money you purchased, who currently lives on that property, and whether you and your spouse have a separate property interest in that property. All these questions are necessary to formulate your case for property division.

Is There Any Financial Asset That You And Your Spouse Share?

Your divorce lawyer will ask you about any financial assets your partner shares with you, such as checkings, savings, and investment accounts. If this is the case, your lawyer might ask you to bring statements from such accounts. Therefore, you must be prepared with these divorce documents and discuss any financial assets you might have.

What Is Your Employment Status?

The lawyer will also ask you about your employment status, where you work currently, and what your job title is. They may also ask about your spouse’s work and job title and how much money you make monthly.

Final Words

You must expect many other important questions from the initial consultation with your lawyer. They might also ask you about abuse or addiction in the marriage, retirement accounts, and other important things which might help create the divorce case.

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