The Roadmap To A Stress-Free Divorce


If you have decided to end your marriage, you will likely want the divorce process to go as smoothly as possible.

Some divorces are amicable, while others end in a bloodbath. If you hire the right divorce mediator, you and your kids will be able to move on with your lives in the most positive and least destructive way possible.

Hiring a professional divorce mediator from an accredited divorce company will help you get through this process smoothly.

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Divorce is a major life choice, and like any major life change, it comes with its fair share of anxiety and doubt. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, this guide will provide you with the road map to a stress-free divorce.

Educate Yourself

Making an informed decision is the best course of action. You probably have a lot of questions if you are just starting the divorce or separation process. Even though help from friends and family is important, you shouldn’t take their advice as if it were legal advice.

Speak with a qualified divorce mediator. Do your research. Request information and take notes. Because when you go to meet with your divorce mediator for a free consultation, you do not need to hire him or her. You should take legal counsel into consideration as it will help you make decisions moving forward with more confidence.


As family mediators, we always ask our prospective clients, “What is your top priority?” What matters most to you? We don’t know what you want in your paternity, divorce, or separation case, and we won’t try to guess. Before you do anything, you should give this question some serious thought.

To be clear on what you really want, try an exercise. Make a list with three columns, each with the labels “need,” “want,” and “let it go.” Next, start listing the items beneath each. Be truthful with yourself about your needs and desires.

Prepare Yourself

Financial disclosures are needed in every legal split or divorce. Make a file, either on paper or on your computer, and start collecting the information you’ll need.

The following documents must be included in your file: your most recent three years’ worth of tax returns or bank account statements; statements proving ownership of your home and mortgage loans; credit card statements; and any other financial records that show assets or liabilities.

Most people will try to avoid this process as it is intimidating. According to the Canada Divorce Act, getting an early start on this process and doing your homework will help you save time and money on legal fees. Don’t worry if you don’t have access; your lawyer can obtain it.

Seek Professional Assistance

The information has reached your friends, family, and coworkers. If your first reaction is to feel embarrassed or uneasy, don’t.

Your situation is quite common, and generally, the people around you are good by nature. They want to assist but are unsure how.

Asking too many questions could be seen as being nosy. Asking too little could be interpreted as callousness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the kindness and grace that others will extend to you if you let them know what you need from your friends, family, and coworkers.

In order to make the whole process of divorce smooth, we will advise you to hire a certified divorce mediator for professional assistance.

Avoid Making Significant Changes

With divorce or legal separation, changes are frequently inescapable. Let’s say you make the decision to leave your parents’ house. Alternatively, you begin giving your soon-to-be ex-spouse joint custody of your children. Maintain your stability wherever possible, especially when kids are present. Some of the other changes that can’t be stopped will be balanced by stability, at least in the near future.

Do you plan to move out? Move within the same town or region. The solution is to sign a short-term lease until you know what will happen with your home, your children, and your finances if you are uncertain about how long you will stay and dream of moving to a different city or province. Furthermore, if you have children, it reduces drive time between parents’ homes as well as the issue of children having to change schools (due to a change in the school district).

You must locate employment. You have been a stay-at-home parent for a while and can now clearly see that spousal support will only take you so far. Find a job in which you already have experience, or go back to school to complete the degree you started.

Taking Care Of Oneself

It’s critical that you put yourself first. You might be experiencing a “cup half-empty” feeling. The cup is refillable, so neither half of it is full nor half empty. But you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Make time to catch up with close friends, read a good book, get plenty of rest, take a hot bath, find a new hobby, eat healthily, visit a counselor, or go for a walk (or a hike or a run—any exercise will release endorphins). Do the things you enjoy because that will benefit your physical and emotional well-being.

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