The Ultimate Divorce Checklist – Take One Step At A Time


When a marriage dissolution is inevitable, the best way forward is to think and plan ahead to save yourself from post-divorce stress and frustration. In this regard, it is important to completely understand what you should do before, during, and after the divorce. The key to the success of almost every aspect of your life is proper planning. Although divorce is not something any couple would ever wish to plan for one day, sometimes the worst is inescapable. 

As the most reputable legal representatives and divorce lawyers in Edmonton, we often encounter numerous clients who feel they have messed up their divorce process. The main reason behind almost every such case that comes to us is inadequate planning. To be honest, it would be unfair to blame any person going through the painful process of divorce for carelessness. Indeed, divorce is a traumatic experience that sometimes overpowers an individual’s ability to think straight. 

To make things easier for you, we shall use this blog to compile an ultimate divorce checklist. This checklist will help you take one step at a time and remain on the right track. 

The Checklist

Whether you are contemplating a divorce or have already taken the first step, you must plan for the upcoming difficulties and your separate path beforehand. In this regard, being organized is the best way ahead. 

The steps mentioned below will help you firmly stand strong and attain a fair outcome for your case:

Think Straight

Undeniably, divorce or separation is not a pleasant experience. However, it is important to remember that a divorce is a turning point in your life. Instead of sulking in depression and acting carelessly, you should pull yourself together. You need to tell yourself that if you think wisely during this time, you will save yourself immense pressure in the post-divorce phase. But if you give up now and show fragility, the result of your divorce and your life afterward will not be satisfying. 

From your children’s future and upbringing to your financial circumstances, there is so much that needs your attention. Neglecting these aspects at this stage may prove unwise for your post-divorce life. Thus, you must put your emotions aside and think practically for your own good.

Hire A Family Lawyer

Family law legislation in Alberta undergoes amendments every once in a while. An average individual rarely has the time or opportunity to stay abreast with the latter. Even if you understand these matters, divorce is an experience that breaks down the most strong-headed people. Resultantly, even the wisest people make the most unexpected mistakes. 

Hence, the best thing to do is to leave all the legalities to a reputable divorce lawyer in Edmonton. This will not only shift the technical burden off your shoulders but will also provide you with the opportunity to think of other important matters (as discussed below).

Moreover, a family lawyer can help you better understand your rights and responsibilities related to the divorce and may also open your eyes to the alternatives and options at hand.

Compile And Prepare The Required Documents

Once you have a better grip over your emotions and have a reputable divorce lawyer on your side, start the preparations. Discuss the possible courses of action with your lawyer and take the next steps accordingly. The first thing to do in this regard would be to prepare and compile all the necessary documentation. 

Your divorce lawyer will most likely ask you for the following documents, amongst others:

  • Marriage license
  • Prenuptial/postnuptial agreements
  • Estate planning documents such as wills and power of attorneys
  • Financial documents such as assets, liabilities, tax returns, and other such documents

Once you have compiled the required documents, your family lawyer will draft the divorce papers and file them for you.

Separate Your Finances

Financial blows often come as the biggest surprise for ex-spouses. Hence, it is better to take care of your finances before such a problem arises. Find the deeds and titles of all the property you hold jointly or separately and discuss the next step with your lawyer. Additionally, if you use a joint bank account or credit card, it would be wise to get new ones only under your name. You do not want to be held liable for your ex-spouse’s credit, now do you?

However, check your provincial laws to ensure that the new bank account or credit card before attaining your divorce decree will not be considered as joint.

Plan Parenting Arrangements

Children often bear the most significant blow of any marriage dissolution. Hence, you should try your best to make this transition into a new life easy for them. In this regard, consider the most suitable custody arrangements and financial and emotional support options for your little ones.

Settle The Matter Out Of Court

Mediation is often the best way to avoid disputes and reach mutually beneficial agreements.  The Divorce Company was founded with the sole aim of solving every divorce issue outside of courts and in the best interest of both spouses. Our team boasts expertise in not only family law but also financial and other essential disciplines. Contact us to learn more.