Tips To Prepare For Divorce Mediation In Edmonton

Tips To Prepare For Divorce Mediation In Edmonton

Along with the emotional rollercoaster, the legal intricacies of divorce are quite devastating. After all, who wants to have their confidential marital issues dragged and discussed in a public trial? Documentation errors and the prolonged wait to receive a divorce decree just add fuel to the already agitating fire. However, there is no need to undergo this painful ligation process if you don’t want to.

While there are situations when ligation is necessary, it is not mandatory. Fortunately, the Canadian judicial system provides a few viable alternatives in the form of divorce mediation and arbitration for families that have no wish to litigate. For those looking for a confidential process with reduced costs and mutually beneficial solutions, divorce mediation is the ideal choice.

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As reputed family lawyers with years of experience in Edmonton, we recommend that you opt for mediation services to keep your stress at bay. Nonetheless, the latter does not mean that mediation does not necessitate proper planning and preparation.

After all, no one else is going to come and set your goals for you. You still need to sit down and brainstorm your strategy for a secure future and to protect your rights. While a divorce mediator is impartial and will do their best to help each party attain fruitful results, they do not understand your problems as you do.

Thus, this blog post will present you with some tips on how to ensure proper preparation for divorce mediation.

Search For Highly Reputed Mediation Services In Edmonton

One of the biggest differences between a mediator and a judge is that a mediator is an impartial third party with no power to make legally binding decisions, while a judge is an individual of high legal authority. While a judge will have obviously gone through prolonged scrutiny to attain their authoritative position, it is upon you to ascertain the level of expertise of a mediator.

Even though a mediator can not make any binding decisions, their job is to guide you and your spouse toward a mutually beneficial agreement which becomes binding after you sign it. Thus, you must ensure that the mediator or firm providing mediation services has the necessary expertise to help you obtain viable solutions.

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In order to ensure the best for you and your family, take your time to find the best mediator by reading through customer reviews and testimonials.

Consult An Experienced Family Lawyer For Advice

One of the perks of divorce mediation over litigation is that there is no need to hire a family lawyer. That is, the cost of legal representation is cut when you decide to mediate. Nonetheless, some people still hire experienced family lawyers to protect their interests.

In our opinion, if you can afford a family lawyer, then you should hire one to ensure that someone with in-depth legal knowledge has your back during the process. They will be able to draft all the documents and figure out the best course of action to attain your desired outcomes.

In fact, even your divorce mediator will encourage you and your spouse to talk to family lawyers, child specialists, tax professionals, etc.

Gather All Your Documents

Once you have decided upon the above issues, it’s time to prepare for the actual meetings. In this regard, the first thing you will do is gather all your documents, including a master list of all your assets and liabilities and that of your spouse, income details, bank account details, insurance policies, retirement benefits, vehicle papers, loans, and basically anything that will bear the financial impact of the divorce.

Set Well-Defined Goals

Besides gathering all the relevant information and making lists of the relevant points to be addressed, you also need to clearly set out what you want to achieve at the end of the process. What are your goals? Do you want to attain child decision-making rights or simply require financial security through spousal support?

Clearly establish what you want to attain.

Establish Clear Plans And Their Alternatives

After that, you need to establish how you will accomplice the aforementioned objectives. It is imperative to remember that the idea behind mediation is to amicably work with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to seek out solutions that suit both of you. Thus, what suits you may not necessarily be acceptable to your spouse.

Resultantly, you must not rely rigidly on a single plan.

Think About Your Trigger Points And Practice Control

Anger blinds a person’s better thinking capacity. Thus, we highly recommend that you sit down and understand exactly what triggers your anger or other emotions. We know that sitting in the same room with a person with whom you once shared a strong bond can bring a lot of anguish. But you need to accept and overcome the agony for your own sake.

Never let your emotions overpower your wisdom during mediation.


Sitting with your spouse across the same table while your marriage is on the verge of breaking may seem like an intolerable experience. However, you need to suppress the urge to retaliate or disapprove of everything they say. Otherwise, the mediator will not be able to help you reach an amicable agreement, and you might have to go for litigation.

In order to save yourself from such trouble, show some flexibility and cooperation.

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