Qualities That Set A Good Divorce Mediator Apart From The Crowd

Qualities That Set A Good Divorce Mediator Apart From The Crowd

While many Canadian couples believe that mediation is the ultimate answer to their separation and divorce needs, the process may deviate from your plans and expectations if care is not taken. One thing you must remember is that mediation is not a God-sent gift. A mediator is not a magician who will wave their wand and wipe your worries away in a matter of minutes.

The technique is simply an alternative to litigation to facilitate families in their efforts of dispute minimization and cost saving. In truth, mediation is a man-made process prone to many errors, omissions, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. Thus, it is primarily a couple’s or a family’s responsibility to ensure that they seek mediation services from a dependable and trustworthy divorce law firm.

Besides the reliability of the law firm you choose, the professional, technological, and psychological proficiency of the mediator are also significant determinants of the process’s success. But hiring a good mediator is not as easy as finding a shining diamond amongst some pieces of rock. The problem is that all mediators look the same and it is difficult for an average individual to dig deep into a prospective mediator’s suitability.

In order to help you hire the best divorce mediator and make the most out of the mediation process, this blog will discuss some distinct character traits that set a good mediator apart from the crowd.

Apparent Impartiality

Although a mediator does not make legally enforceable and binding decisions, their recommendations, nevertheless, have to be unbiased, factual, and in the best interests of both spouses. Thus, neutrality is one of the most important and fundamental qualities a prospective mediator must possess. At this point, many people may ask how a potential mediator’s impartiality can be judged without first getting a taste of their mediation services?

Well, experience is certainly the best teacher but it does not necessarily have to be yours. You can also learn from other couples’ experiences. A neutral mediator is often well-reputed and highly respected in their community. Listen to how other families rate a particular mediator and their services. Additionally, you can also skim through the reviews and testimonials people leave on a mediator’s website or other independent platforms.

Formal Education And Training In Family Law And Mediation

As simple as it may sound, mediation is actually quite a vast discipline on its own. Besides mediation, there are numerous other forms of ADR. Thus, proven knowledge and experience in the field are distinguishing qualities of a highly rated mediator.

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To determine a mediator’s expertise, you can have a deeper look into their credentials, work experience, education, and other relevant details.

Ability To Balance Compassion And Objectivity

Experts argue that a mediator must demonstrate the highest possible level of compassion. While it is important to be compassionate and a good listener, a mediator must never let these aspects override their better judgment. Otherwise, the aim of coming up with the best solution will be lost.

Therefore, instead of letting their emotions overcome their thinking capacity and objectivity, a good mediator should diligently listen to a couple’s problems. Afterwards, they must use their knowledge and technical skills to provide unique solutions accordingly. A mediator’s mastery will help you more than their empathy.

Creative Thinking And Problem-Solving Skills

Every family is different and so are their needs. Thus, one solution for all never works in mediation. Your prospective mediator must have the ability to think outside of the box. They must be able to first scrutinize your circumstances and then use all their resources to come up with recommendations that can precisely meet your unique needs.

If a couple’s main concern is parenting time, suggesting solutions related to child support is not correct. Although the two are interrelated, a mediator’s solution must focus on the central issue.

Value-Driven And Goal-Oriented

If your mediator seems more frustrated than you when solving your problems, know that you have landed in the wrong hands. Regardless of a situation’s complexities, a mediator must always be up and willing to create the best value for the family by ensuring that they reach a suitable consensus.

Technological Solutions And Supportive Services

Lastly, knowledge is too slow-paced without technology in the current era. Hence, your prospective mediator must back up their services with appropriate technological solutions like smart software and more. Similarly, divorce involves a lot more than solving a domestic dispute. From property division to tax issues, expertise in other services is also a must.

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