An Overview: What Is Divorce Mediation?

An Overview: What Is Divorce Mediation?

If you are contemplating divorce then you will have to file a lawsuit to dissolve your marriage. However, now it is not necessary to follow the traditional path of litigation in order to work out the terms of a divorce.

In today’s world, many couples are now turning to certified divorce mediation lawyers to resolve their conflicts and negotiate the terms of their divorce. This process is slowly gaining popularity as it avoids the courts.

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Mediation is a process where a neutral third-party mediator facilitates the resolution of disputes by promoting voluntary agreement between the parties.

A certified mediation lawyer fosters communications, focuses the parties on their interests, encourages understanding and seeks creative problem solutions to enable the parties to reach their own agreement.

If you are a newbie then these words might be confusing to you, but don’t worry in this blog post, we will give you a detailed overview of what divorce mediation is. So after reading this blog you will fully understand the concept of divorce mediation.

What Are The Goals Of Divorce Mediation?

Whether the mediation is court-referred or agreed to voluntarily by both parties, the goals of mediation are common with respect to divorce:

  • Minimize post-dissolution controversy and hostility.
  • Create a legally sound, mutually acceptable and equitable divorce agreement.
  • Avoid the trauma and expense that usually accompanies litigation.

Why Resolve A Divorce Conflict Through Mediation?

The majority of divorcing couples are usually frustrated due to the delays and costs associated with an adversarial and overburdened judicial system. So many couples are now looking for ways through which they can solve their disputes outside the courtroom.

Moreover, even the court system has recognized the need of developing alternative methods of handling divorce and other disputes outside the courtroom. Hence court-related mediation programs have increased in popularity all over the world.

Now almost every state requires mediation of child decision-making disputes and there are many state court systems that provide these services such as conciliator services, conflict intervention, education seminars for divorcing couples, mediation, settlement conferences and resolution centers.

Hence today divorce mediation either court-mandated or voluntary has become the predominant method of conflict resolution for divorcing couples.

So if you’re also one of those couples who want to resolve their divorce dispute outside of court hire certified divorce mediation lawyer.

Benefits Of A Mediated Divorce

Divorce mediation is a platform where a neutral third-party divorce mediation lawyer facilitates communication between the parties in order to promote understanding, compromise and settlement.

Meditation is commonly more suited to divorces and other family law cases because there are high chances of continuing relationships between the parties, especially if children are involved.

The majority of divorcing couples think that mediation allows them to avoid the high emotional and financial costs of a litigated divorce. As settlements and mutual agreements are usually quicker, hence it makes divorce mediation costs less than litigation.

Another benefit of mediation is that it will allow you to avoid the risks of trials, decrease stressful conflict and protect confidentiality.

Divorce meditation also protects children from the pain of parental separation conflict. It is also seen that couples who meditate on their divorce settlement often find greater satisfaction than those who take the litigation route.

It is also observed that parties tend to comply better with an agreement they have created themselves with the help of a divorce mediation lawyer rather than an order imposed by the court after a trial. With professional mediation couples can even learn the skills that can help them resolve future conflicts.

So if you are also planning to get a divorce but fear that it will take a toll on your emotional and financial condition then it is best to hire a certified divorce mediation lawyer, as he/she will make this journey an easy ride for you and your partner.

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