Do You Need A Family Lawyer When Filing For A Divorce?


When filing for divorce, there is always one question that haunts couples day and night. Is it a must to hire a family lawyer? Preferably, every couple wishes the answer to be as simple as a yes or a no. Unfortunately, the latter is not the case. In truth, the decision of hiring a family lawyer or not is a highly crucial matter with the answer depending on the unique circumstances of each couple.

First of all, the decision depends upon the type of divorce you will be pursuing. Does one of you intend to file for a contested divorce? If yes, then hiring an attorney is essential for legal representation in court proceedings. On the other hand, when the divorce is uncontested, it is possible to deal with matters on your own. But the problem is, you are not a legal expert and there is a high chance that you might make a wrong decision.

Honestly speaking, amicability in divorce is always a blessing and makes the whole process less cumbersome and quick. If you and your spouse are on the same page regarding property division, spousal and child support, child decision-making and other relevant matters, the divorce process will be extremely smooth and seamless.

But what if your partner’s amiability is merely a show to lure you into a dark alley? Remember that once a judge signs the settlement agreement, you will be bound by the terms within. The only way to challenge the decision would be to return to the court. Surely, bearing this extra burden after an emotionally draining marriage dissolution is clearly not something anyone would want on their plates.

Since prevention is better than a cure, this blog post will discuss why you should hire a reputed attorney when contemplating a divorce.

Why Do You Need A Family Lawyer?

Despite a good mutual understanding with your partner, we would recommend that you hire or at least consult a legal expert when dealing with divorce matters. You might falsely believe that you are doing the right thing only to be left in shock after the process is complete. Let us look into the other reasons why you should have a divorce lawyer by your side.

Expert Advice

Before signing any agreements, it would be best to let a consulting attorney have a look at them. Even if you believe everything is accurate, it is in your best interest to pass the agreement through an expert. They will not only enlighten you regarding your rights and responsibilities but also provide excellent advice on the right course of action. If they find it appropriate, they might even suggest less costly alternatives to litigation like mediation services.

All in all, they will diligently scrutinize your situation and suggest the best way forward.

Peace Of Mind

With an expert on your side, the best and the most priceless benefit is the peace of mind you will get. Throughout the process, you will know that there is someone you can rely on. This peace of mind is absolutely necessary for a stressful prospect like divorce. You will be free to plan and prepare for your post-divorce life while your lawyer handles all the messy paperwork and other technicalities.

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Quick Process

Corrections and reconsiderations are highly time-consuming and painful. As a result, your divorce may take months or even years to complete. However, having a reputable lawyer by your side minimizes the risk of errors and saves time. An attorney will try everything in their might to make the process quick for you.
Marginal Cost-Saving

Let us consider a typical DIY divorce scenario. You and your partner agree on the terms and file the agreement in court. The judge signs the agreement and makes it binding for both of you. However, after some time you realize that your partner has lured you into an unfair agreement. Unfortunately, challenging this decision will be quite costly as you will have to hire an attorney to present your case. Remember that you have already paid for the divorce earlier.

However, consulting a lawyer in the first place would have saved you from the costly legal proceedings. Thus, you will save on the money you would have wasted without a lawyer.

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

Lastly, a lawyer and their consoling words can give you much-needed emotional relief. Besides legal advice, you also get the necessary moral support.

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