7 Undermined Risks Involved In An Online Divorce Process

7 Undermined Risks Involved In An Online Divorce Process

As the world evolves, new and exciting ways of altering our lifestyles emerge. While some ideas are invented to make life easier, others simply aim to grasp customers’ attention by appealing to their senses. Regardless of the reason, these innovative ideas promise to provide one common benefit – convenience.

One of the best examples of such ideas is online interaction. From shopping to learning, almost everything is possible online. Today, even technical procedures like divorce are possible online. However, this level of convenience is accompanied by equally adverse risks. For instance, online shopping poses the risk of a possible scam or phishing attempt.

The question of whether an online divorce is an ideal choice often arises in the mind of couples wishing to pursue a divorce. Given the prevailing stories regarding the risks involved in online activities, many believe it is best to weigh the benefits against the risks involved.

As professional family lawyers, we deem it our duty to help our readers make viable and worthwhile decisions. Thus, this blog post will weigh the risks involved in an online divorce to determine its suitability.

1. Fraud And Deception

Undertaking every task in good faith is a moral requirement. However, not everyone puts ethics at the core of their activities. When there is a grudge involved, the situation becomes even worse.

A diligent divorce lawyer as a legal representative will thoroughly analyze all the aspects to ensure their clients have not been mistreated. In contrast, such oversight and scrutiny are not possible in online divorce.

As a result, the spouse that is holding a grudge against the other secretly deceives the other partner by concealing assets. To fuel the fire, the standard preset procedures involved in an online divorce make such concealments even harder to detect.

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2. Phishing And Selling Of Data

While the reliability of a family law firm is easy to ascertain, online DIY divorce platforms are harder to assess. Like in the case of a fraudulent online shopping store, an online divorce platform may seemingly appear like any other reputed site.

This makes your personal information vulnerable and might even reach the wrong hands. While some websites might illegally sell your data, others could turn out to be phishing hubs that will rob you of your hard-earned money. Due diligence is crucial to avoid the abuse and misuse of your sensitive information.

However, an individual will rarely practice due diligence when they are an emotional wreck.

3. Unaddressed Issues And Omissions

Let’s say the platform in question is genuine but is a one-for-all solution suitable for an issue like divorce? Absolutely not. While one family may regard real estate property division as their primary concern, others may simply be looking for a suitable parenting arrangement. Hence, a one-for-all solution will not work, especially in a contested divorce.

In fact, online divorces rarely work when some issues are contested. This method leaves numerous loopholes and may omit essential aspects that need attention.

4. Lack Of Legal Support And Insightful Advice

Another point that ties closely to the preceding one is the lack of legal counsel. In a regular divorce, face-to-face discussions with a family lawyer help couples find solutions that are in their best interest and that of their families. You can easily discuss the various courses of action at your disposal and the outcome of each one. In response, the lawyer will also draw from their extensive knowledge and experience and provide high-end advice.

Unfortunately, you will have to forego these benefits in online divorce.

5. Potential For Errors

This lack of legal counsel results in numerous technical errors. Although many people think AI will allow little room for error, they pay little attention to the likelihood of mistakes when drafting documents. AI and bots are programmed to identify particular issues, but they can not guarantee 100% accuracy.

Even a pilot is not allowed to totally depend on the suggestions of high-end computers when flying a plane.

5. Missing Out On The Benefits Of Mediation

In an attempt to avoid courts, you might compromise on some contested issues and proceed with the divorce. Contrarily, you would have attained solutions tailored to your specific family needs if you had chosen to pursue a divorce through mediation services.

In an online divorce, there is no impartial third party to help you reach mutually beneficial decisions. Thus, you stand a higher chance of making the wrong decisions.

6. Courts Might Turn Out Inevitable

As emphasized earlier, online divorce does not work for contested divorces, so you might still end up in court. In the end, the whole process will seem pointless and a waste of resources.

In conclusion, the risks involved in an online divorce clearly outweigh its benefits. Although the process may work for uncontested divorces, we do not recommend it.

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