Why Should You Avoid Revenge In Your Divorce?

Why Should You Avoid Revenge In Your Divorce?

You are probably going through some challenging emotions if you are getting divorced. You may also be tempted to vent your frustrations on your ex-spouse. However, seeking revenge could have negative emotional, financial, and legal consequences. A common problem in many marriages is the pattern of one spouse seeking revenge on the other.

The extensive experience of professional divorce mediators has proven that revenge does not produce a sense of satisfaction. Instead, it simply means that those who are unable to let go of something easily tend to hold onto it longer than those who are able to do so. Nevertheless, for the following reasons, divorce should never be an act of revenge:

Mediation Provides A Safe Route Through An Emotional Minefield

A divorce mediation program offers good professional guidance that is more balanced. It gives people the solid foundation they need to make wise life decisions and respond considerately at a time when they are obviously in great distress. It is common for clients to bring their entire marital history to the table: their affairs, financial quarrels, and emotional scars.

While professional divorce mediators recognize their anguish and rage, they remind them that the past cannot be changed. And reliving it won’t change anything. As a result, we should focus our efforts on moving forward. We believe that no matter what happened in the past, everyone deserves a new beginning after a divorce.

Revenge Could Cost You Money

Revenge can be expensive. Both parties will lose time and money if the divorce becomes difficult. If someone were to try to take legal revenge, they would risk repercussions as well. Although some people might fear that a judge will be horrified by their circumstances, judges have heard and seen a lot of these cases.

Instead of seeking revenge, people may want to think about setting boundaries. If they intend to continue co-parenting, this might be especially crucial.

You Might Lose Things That Are Far More Valuable Than Money

Even if the divorce wasn’t your fault, you still need to act like an adult about it. Kids have the capacity to develop their own thoughts and opinions. Your children don’t need you to shame them for your failed marriage as they are already dealing with identity issues due to the divorce.

It’s possible that manipulating your children to win their loyalty and convince them to move in with you will have the opposite effect, both in terms of your relationship with them and how the court perceives you.

In the end, revenge won’t likely make you feel better, in addition to all the trouble it can get you into. Instead of seeking revenge, you would be better off seeking healing and making changes for the better in your life through divorce mediation.

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Trying To Get Revenge Will Only Hold You Back

Despite what numerous films, books, and songs have taught us, seeking revenge is a waste of time and effort. Your efforts will be in vain as the person who wronged you will likely take pleasure in your suffering. Instead of pursuing your ex with revenge in mind, put your energy into moving on with your life without them.

Additionally, there are legal repercussions for attempting to exact revenge through the legal system. In most cases, filing a lawsuit can result in automatic sanctions against your own case and the possibility of facing criminal charges if you falsely accuse your ex-spouse of being abusive when they weren’t. The best course of action is to find an expert divorce mediator to settle things peacefully.

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