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Updating Your Will

Updating or Creating Wills and Personal Directives Covid 19 This week, I met with a couple who recently separated by video conference.  Nearing the conclusion of the meeting, I asked if there were any additional questions from either Party.    One of the spouses asked me a very important question, “what happens if one of us […]

Important Changes to Common Law Couples

The division of property after separation in a common law relationship is going to change dramatically in Alberta on January 1, 2020. After this date, common law couples will have the same rights to property as married couples as a result of Bill 28 which will amend the Family Law Act in Alberta. That means that they […]

Why Use Mediation?

Perhaps a better question would be — Why Not? Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse deciding your own divorce and what is best for the both of you and most importantly, your children. In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party, the mediator, and with their […]